Watch Movies And Tv Any Time And Anywhere With These Portable Projectors

Portable projectors are convenient and handy on the go devices suitable for people often travelling like business trip or simply a family vacation. Portable projectors are becoming more progressive and advanced with every passing day. Practical uses of portable projectors include classic presentations, theatre experiences to watch movies with family and friends.

Ever watched horror movies during a family vacation or camping? And that too not on a laptop but a projector? Well, that’s possible if you go through the following list of the best portable projectors for you to watch movies anywhere and at any time.


Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector is relatively inexpensive and affordable. The projector delivers remarkably bright and colorful display with the advanced LED light (2400 lux) and a powerful color engine. The Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector provides a big screen watching experience and is extremely adaptable. It enables a watch size from 32” to 170” and projection distance from 4.9ft to 16.4ft. Which means you can customize the projector according to your space with ease. The projector also has an easy to carry bag so that you can pack your mini theatre and take it with you anywhere you want.


The Apeman Projector mini is a pocket sized mini projector. Lightweight and smaller as a smartphone, the Apeman Projector Mini still delivers a television quality supporting 1080p HD quality projected image. This mini projector is suitable for camping trips as it provides a long battery and lamp life on one charge, enabling you to watch a 2.5hour long movies.  The Apeman Projector Mini also comes with a tripod stand and a fully functional 360 degree rotatable stand. Which makes this projector an easy to carry and convenient projector to take it anywhere with you.


Anker’s Nebula Mars II is loud and delivers a movie theatre with its dual 10W speakers. This projector takes the projector experience to another level – a cinematic experience. You can binge watch Netflix and Hulu on your Nebula Mars II projector. The Bluetooth connectivity makes your phone a remote control. The projector has the ability to make whole space your screen.With the manual horizontal/vertical keystone correction Nebula Mars II projector enables you to place the device at any angle delivering you a sharp and clear image.


The Viewsonic M1 Portable Projector has built in long battery life offering you more than 6 hours to watch. This projector is best suitable for business presentations due to its set up i.e. just plug in and play all the presentations, videos and photos. The projector can provide entertainment in nearly any room with its big screen projection up to 100” from 8ft to 9ft.The Viewsonic M1 Portable Projector also has the ability to connect to devices via USB Type C cables and HDMI. This Viewsonic M1 is the ultimate simple and quality projector for your business projects.